Convicted rapist has an extra 3 years 3 months added to his sentence - St Albans


A convicted rapist appeared at St Albans Crown Court today, Wednesday,19 June 2013, and had an extra 3 years 3 months added to his sentence for fraud and breaching a Sex Offences Prevention Order (SOPO).

Stephen Bailey, 52, then of Boundary Way, Welwyn Garden City, was jailed , in February 2010, for 18 years for rape, sexual activity with a child and ABH in February 2010.

He was back at St Albans Crown Court today, after pleading guilty to five fraud offences. These were obtaining property by deception by claiming that he was Susan Thomas, to buy a home in Harold Road, Hornsey,  North London under the right to buy scheme between 01 February 1999 and 19 September 2000.

Bailey, formerly of Priory Street, Ware pleaded guilty to possessing criminal property between 24 March 2002 and 31 October 2008 by collecting rent money from the Hornsey address and obtaining a £250,000 mortgage on the property by deception.

Bailey also admitted converting £100,000 from the mortgage on 31 October 2003 to repay a loan on a property at Boundary Way, Welwyn Garden City and converting criminal property at Boundary Lane between 06 November and 18 November 2009.

He also admitted breaching a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) by getting a woman to try to persuade the teenage victim of his sex offences to visit him in Parkhurst Jail on the Isle of Wight in March last year. The girl did not agree and never went to the prison.

Judge Andrew Bright QC passed consecutive sentences on Baily saying: "It was a consecutive, prolonged course of fraudulent conduct. What you did was fraudulent from the outset."

The judge made a  £341,256 confiscation order against Bailey, who has six months to pay the money. If he does not   pay another 3 and a half years will be added to his sentence.

At the court case in 2010 Judge Michael Baker QC said Bailey was a risk to any woman he may meet in the future.

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