Computer shop thief jailed - St Albans


A thief who targeted a St Albans computer shop was jailed for 38 months today, Friday, 16 January 2015.

Ryan Phelan-Sykes, aged 22, first went in Solutions in The Maltings in November 2013 with an accomplice. They snatched two Apple laptops, worth £1500 each, by ripping them off their alarms, St Albans Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Paul Fairly said that on 24 April last year he returned to the shop with three others with their hoods up to hide their faces. He pulled a MacBook Pro off a shelf while another man stole a laptop. The other man, who has not been caught, snatched a laptop. He dropped it when confronted by a member of staff, who put his foot on it, but the robber snatched it back after pushing him away. All four ran off.

Phelan-Sykes, of Edward Road, Coulsden, Surrey, was identified by police. He pleaded guilty to robbery and theft. In a basis of plea he said he offered no violence while in the store. He had 35 convictions for 59 offences, 24 of which were thefts. He also appeared for sentence for stealing £600 worth of Blueray DVDs from Morrisons in London NW1.

Peter Hamill, defending, said he had spent 203 days in custody and had become drug free. He said the time behind bars, when his girlfriend had given birth, had matured him. Mr Hamill said he now intends to build an honest life.

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