Clubber jailed for six years for stabbing man - Luton


Clubber Jordon Gatehouse was jailed for 6 years today, Wednesday, 20 November 2013, for stabbing a man who he said had bumped into him.

Gatehouse, 21, caused four serious wounds to Gregory Meeks, who collapsed in the office at the Liquid Night Club in Luton after bouncers had intervened.  He was taken to hospital with stab wounds to his left buttock, the left side of his chest, the middle of his abdomen and the side of his hip.

Luton Crown Court heard that Mr Meeks was leaving the club at around 2.30am after speaking to friends and bumped into Gatehouse, who was with his girlfriend.  He said he felt something hit his right ankle before he turned round to see Gatehouse and his girlfriend screaming at him.

Mr Meeks said: "I headed towards them to see what was wrong. I felt blows to my body and felt a fist to my chest. It felt like a little sting." He said he received three or four more blows before bouncers intervened.  He began talking to a friend and began to feel light-headed. He then saw a big patch of blood and realised he had been stabbed. He went to the night club office, where he collapsed, and was taken to hospital.

Gatehouse was arrested. No weapon was ever found.

Jordan Gatehouse said the muscular Mr Meeds had bumped into him and he could not believe he had not apologised. He said the victim had come towards him and threw a punch. He said: "I never had a weapon on me."

Gatehouse of Berkeley Path, Luton pleaded not guilty to wounding Mr Meeks with intent on 16 December last year, but was convicted by the jury of 5 men and 7 women at Luton Crown Court.

Judge David Farrell QC sentence him to six years.

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