Christmas worker rapist jailed - Luton


A young woman, working alone in her office over the Christmas holiday period last year, was repeatedly raped by a stranger who called by asking if he could use the phone.

Adison Bridet claimed he had been out the night before and his phone had been taken. But, after making his call, Bridet dragged the 22-year-old into a back room where he raped her three times. He even forced her to look at herself in a full length mirror as he carried out the attack.

Today, Monday, 09 June 2014, Luton Crown Court heard that at the time of the offence, the morning after Boxing Day last year, Bridet was already on bail following a rape allegation in Portsmouth. Judge Philip Bartle was told that offence was not pursued and eventually dropped.

Bridet, 22, of no fixed address, was given an extended prison sentence of 14 years today after pleading guilty to a charge of rape and two offences of assault by penetration.

Judge Bartle told Bridet the custodial element of the sentence meant he would serve 10 years behind bars and, once released, would be on extended licence for 4 years.

Tim Clarke, prosecuting, said the 22-year-old woman was working alone in her office in Luton town centre when Bridet came in. After using the phone, Bridet asked if he could visit the bathroom. By now, the girl was becoming suspicious and moved her bag and a knife.

The court heard that when he emerged from the bathroom, he suddenly grabbed her and dragged her into a back room, where he removed her clothes and punched her about the face and head. "He squeezed her neck so hard, she thought she was going to die" said Mr Clarke.

The court heard eventually he allowed her to get dressed and, having left the office, walked to Luton Police Station and handed himself in.

Judge Bartle was told the attack had left the victim traumatised and had done severe psychological harm to her and her boyfriend who, himself, had suffered panic attacks.

Passing sentence, the judge said: "This was a prolonged and sustained incident.  She was vulnerable because she was a woman alone in her office."

The judge ordered that Bridet's name be added to the Sex Offenders Register and he was made the subject of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO).

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