Cannabis middleman jailed for 18 months - Luton


A teenager who suffers mental health problems through his abuse of cannabis has been jailed for being involved in the supply of the drug on the streets.

Judge Richard Foster told Daniel Doherty: "Despite you suffering mental health issues because of this drug you were prepared to inflict that on others.

"Cannabis is an evil drug that is often the catalyst for psychiatric problems, and the courts see that time and time again."

Doherty, 19, pleaded guilty at Luton Crown Court to possessing skunk cannabis with intent to supply. He was sentenced to 18 months custody on Friday, 21 February, 2014.

Prosecutor Daniel Siong told the court that on April 13 last year police went to Doherty's home in Icknield Way, Luton, with a search warrant.

He tried to escape from the bungalow into a neighbour's garden where police caught him.

He was beside a conifer tree and police found bags containing 56 wraps in the tree. Another three were found in his bedroom.

Messages on a mobile phone confirmed that Doherty was a supplier for a street dealer, who was due to collect 50 wraps. He made no comment in interview.

Miss Sharn Mardner, defending said: "He has significant mental health issues and needs help. He has been heavily dependant on cannabis, but there is hope for him if he had the assistance of a drug rehabilitation order.

"He was only supplying to get drugs for himself."

But Judge Foster said the case was too serious for anything other than an immediate custodial sentence.

He added: "You were the conduit between those higher up the supply chain and street dealers. I accept you need help, but that will be available to you while you are in custody and when you are released on licence."

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