Cannabis grower jailed - Ware


A cannabis grower caught with more than 100 plants in his Ware home told the police it was his 'hobby.'

Dwayne Barrowcliffe, aged 34, was arrested by officers as he left his home on The Green on 17 March this year.

Prosecutor Isabel Delamare told St Albans Crown Court today, Friday, 01 July 2016, that when a search was carried out, most of the second floor of the property was found to have been given over to cannabis production. 40 plants were growing in tents in a small bedroom and another 68 in a box room. 682 grams of herbal cannabis, which had already been harvested, was also recovered.

"He said he was a user and thought it was safer to grow his own cannabis. He said it was his hobby, but he appreciated it was illegal," said the prosecutor.

Barrowcliffe appeared for sentence, having previously pleaded guilty before the Magistrates' Court to producing a Class B drug. 10 years ago he was convicted of possessing cannabis with intent to supply.

Defending, Tim Starkey said Barrowcliffe had a problem with cannabis for all of his adult life. He said he had been assaulted when buying cannabis in 2015 and, as a result, ended up growing his own. "The reason he started growing cannabis was for personal use," he said. He handed the judge "glowing character references" and urged him to impose a suspended sentence on Barrowcliffe, who had been working as a builder on exhibition sites.

But Recorder Patrick Fields sentenced him to 2 years immediate custody. He said a police officer calculated the wholesale value of the cannabis at between 9,000 and 54,000.

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