Burglar jailed for three years


Burglar Steven Croft said he had broken into a home because he was "tired and hungry."

On Wednesday, 01 February, Croft, 33, was jailed for 3 years after admitting two burglaries in Luton and an attempted break in at a house in Houghton Regis.

He was caught after leaving a trail of blood at his victims' addresses, Luton Crown Court heard.

Claudette Elliott, a Crown Advocate from Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), said the owner of a house in Copperfields, Luton had left at ten to nine in the morning of 30 November.

She returned at 7 o'clock that night to find her patio door had been completely smashed and her bedroom light left on. Her lingerie was thrown all over the floor and there had been a messy search: jewellery boxes were opened and her son's bedroom had been "turned upside down".

About £2,000 worth of jewellery and other items had been stolen.

Croft was linked to the crime through his blood, which was smudged on a jewellery box, dressing table drawers and the patio doors. The victim said the burglary left her "distressed, very upset and unable to sleep".

On the same day Croft had gone to Conway Close in Houghton Regis and tried to burgle a vacant home. He picked up an ornamental dog in the back garden and used it to smash the glass on a patio door. Croft's blood was recovered from the dog.

Then some time between half past twelve and five to two in the afternoon of 14 December he used a brick to smash the bottom glass pane of a kitchen window of a house in Dunstable Road, Luton. Once inside he took two Xboxes, two controllers, five games, a laptop and a jar of coins. The total value was £957 - some of the items, including an Xbox and the phone were Christmas presents.

In a victim impact statement the owner said: "I am upset that someone has come in and taken my and my wife's hard-earned property." Again a DNA match was found from blood on a bedroom light switch and the kitchen window.

Croft of Alma Link, Luton pleaded guilty to the burglary and the attempted burglary on 30 November and the burglary on 14 December.

He had previous convictions, including three domestic burglaries in 2000, 2006 and 2008.

Defence barrister Andrew Selby asked for credit for Croft's early guilty plea. He said that when he was arrested for the December burglary Croft had said he was, "hungry and tired".

Jaling him, Judge Peter Wright said: "These were messy and damaging burglaries and nothing was recovered."

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