Burglar jailed for 29 months - St Albans


Burglar Michael Forbes was jailed for 29 months on Friday, 05 July, after being told by a judge that he looked like a professional criminal.

Forbes, 26, had broken into a house in Welwyn Garden City, leaving with a Nissan Navara. Two days later he broke into another home in Hatfield, St Albans Crown Court heard.

Michael Speak , Prosecuting for Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), said , Forbes got into the house in Longcroft Lane through a UPVC door, while the owners were asleep upstairs.

The family heard a noise and could smell cigarette smoke. They went to investigate but Forbes had already left with £1400 of electrical goods and jewellery. He had taken the keys to a Nissan Navara and driven off in it.

Two days later, on 28 September last year, he burgled a home in Great Braitch Lane, Hatfield. He made an untidy search and stole two pairs of cufflinks, worth £120. A neighbour had noted the number plate of the Navara he had used.

Forbes was arrested on 05 October last year after a raid on Martin's newsagents in Welwyn Garden City in which he again used the Navara. He received 18 weeks from magistrates for the Martin's break in, but was sent to the crown court for the two house burglaries. He had previous convictions for burglary.

Forbes, of Pear Tree Court, Welwyn Garden City, pleaded guilty to two charges of burglary and one of taking a vehicle.

Defending,  Dawn Pearson said Forbes was sorry and asked for credit for his guilty pleas.

Judge Andrew Bright QC told him: "The first burglary is aggravated by the fact that the occupants were asleep upstairs. You have previous offences of domestic burglary and you look awfully like a professional criminal."

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