Burglar jailed after relapse - Luton


A career burglar who tried to go straight has been jailed for three years today, Friday, 10 August 2012, after he relapsed.

Eric North, 47, committed his first burglary 28-years ago, Luton Crown Court was told on Friday.

On 18 October last year he broke into a house in Hibbert Street, Luton shared by girl students and stole electrical equipment, which has not been recovered.

His barrister, Chloe Belton, said that after North relapsed, he had hoped to be able to take part in a community programme for prolific offenders who want to turn their back on crime. But ironically he was not eligible as his recent offending amounted to only one crime.

She said: "It is extremely unfortunate that he is being punished for trying to turn his life around and has not been offending prolifically enough for the scheme.

"He is no stranger to these courts or prison, but he is a different man now. In the past he had nothing to lose - no family or anyone to care for and turned to drugs."

But she said he now had a new partner who was willing to marry him in prison, and he was waiting to learn if he has stomach cancer.

"He has never been more regretful or remorseful and wants to apologise to his victims."

She said he relapsed during a brief return to crack cocaine when his father was seriously ill.

North, formerly from Luton, but recently living in Harrison Way, Lydney, Gloucester, pleaded guilty to a single charge of burglary.

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