Burglar jailed - Biggleswade


Burglar Jamie Peck was jailed for four years today, Tuesday, 11 November 2014, after being found guilty of breaking into a house while the owners were away on holiday.

Peck had been inside the property when the son of the owners arrived to check on the house. His arrival meant that 36-year-old Peck had to jump out of a first floor window. Such was his haste to get away, that he left behind a pair of white sports socks that he had been using as gloves so as not to leave any fingerprints in the house. But when the socks were forensically examined, they were found to contain his DNA.

Today at Luton Crown Court Peck, of Winchester Road, Sandy, was found guilty of burgling the house in Holme Court, Biggleswade on 15 May this year.

Neil Sandy, prosecuting, said the son had arrived at the detached house at around 5pm and noticed that a front window had been broken. When he went upstairs, he discovered bedroom doors open and the window to a rear bedroom wide open.  On the floor nearby were the socks.

The court heard Peck had previous convictions for burglary and the prosecutor said he had taken with him the socks that day rather than gloves because he knew, if stopped by police, he would be able to give a more plausible explanation.

The prosecutor said that once the socks had been forensically examined and the link made with Peck, police arrested him some two weeks later at an address in Pix Court, Arlesey.

PC James West told the court that, on arrival at the house on 29 May this year, Peck had once again climbed out of a first floor window in an effort to escape. He told the jury he had to give chase and eventually rugby tackled Peck and arrested him.

In the witness box Peck denied having anything to do with the break-in. He said it was possible clothes had been stolen at an address where he was living in Sandy and the socks could have ended up at the house because of someone else. He claimed he had climbed out of the window when police called to arrest him because he knew he was facing a 28 day recall to prison.

The jury found Peck guilty of the offence of burglary by a majority of 11-1.

The court heard he had 41 previous convictions going back to 1996.  Previous offences included burglary, driving matters, violence and shoplifting. Between 2010 and 2013, he had been convicted of numerous burglaries and, in 2012, had been placed on a scheme to help persistent burglars break away from crime.

Passing sentence, Judge Michael Kay told Peck he had the "classic record" of someone who had committed offences to fund a drug habit in the past. He jailed him for a total of four years and said he must pay a victim surcharge of £120.

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