Burglar convicted and jailed - Bedford


Burglar Stafford Lawson was jailed for two years today, Thursday, 26 March 2015, after a jury convicted him of breaking into a house in Woodstock Road in Bedford.

Lawson's conviction came at Luton Crown Court after a jury heard the day after the break-in, Lawson, aged 28, was stopped by police on Bedford's Embankment and items that had been taken were found on him. They included a bag full of gold jewellery, and 5000 Euros, which he had stuffed down the waistband of his trousers.

Lawson, of Jowitt Avenue, Kempston, was found guilty of the burglary at the three bedroomed detached property, which occurred last November when the occupants, a husband and his wife, had gone away for a few days.

Prosecutor Marija Brackovic said that also taken in the burglary was a wide screen TV, a guitar and an amplifier. She said that following the arrest of Mr Lawson, the victims of the burglary returned to their home on 21 November to discover their home had been broken into. The husband was shown items that had been found on the defendant, said the prosecutor, and confirmed they belonged to him and his wife.

The jury were then told how police examined the Mr Lawson's mobile phone and discovered how, on 18 November, a call had been made from it to a local taxi company. As a result, the company confirmed they had received a call to do a pick up in Woodstock Road.

Miss Brackovic said that when the driver was contacted, he told how when he got to the street two men had emerged from an alleyway with a heavy bag, which they had placed in the boot of his car. The prosecutor said it was the Crown's case that one of the men was the defendant and they were coming away from the burglary.

In the witness box, Lawson said he had not taken part in the burglary at the house in Woodstock Road. He claimed on the day he was found with the property he had received a call from a friend who he said asked him for a "favour." Lawson said he went to the man's home in Bedford, who asked him if he would "move" some money and some gold to another address on the other side of town. He said he was handed the property and was stopped later.

Passing sentence, Recorder Brian Argyle told Lawson he had been convicted of a serious burglary which had left the couple traumatised. He said not all the jewellery had been recovered.

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