Bully boyfriend jailed for seriously injuring toddler - Luton


A boyfriend who subjected his partner's three year old son to a campaign of bullying and violence, which has left him with a brain injury from which he is unlikely to fully recover has today, Friday, 09 May 2014, been jailed.

A Judge branded Ryan Parker, a "sadistic bull"' and passed a 17 year extended sentence, which involves a 12 year jail term and a further five years on licence.

The little boy's mother was infatuated with Parker and failed to protect her son or seek help until he was at death's door, said Judge Stuart Bridge at Luton Crown Court.

The 24-year-old woman was jailed for 18 months after pleading guilty to allowing her child to suffer physical harm. The boy, who is living with grandparents in another part of the country, must not be named by an order of the court.

Parker, a 29-year-old carpet fitter was also found to be keeping and viewing images of child sex abuse on his computer while he was on bail for the cruelty and assaults. Some of them were at the most depraved level.

He had pleaded not guilty to cruelty and two charges of causing grievous bodily harm (GBH) with intent, but was convicted by a jury in March. He pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm which caused the serious head injury, and to 19 charges of possessing child abuse images and extreme pornography.

David Matthew, prosecuting said the mother had left the boy's father and went to live with Parker in Butlin Road, Luton in September 2012. She had custody of her children on alternate weeks. But during just one week in early November the boy sustained injuries and bruises to 52 different areas of his body. When he was finally taken to hospital he was transferred to intensive care in Cambridge and needed blood drained from his brain injury, which had been inflicted when he was dragged across a bedroom floor.

He also had severe bruising to his buttocks, two probable cigarette burn marks, a badly bruised eye where he had been punched with a clenched fist, and a bite mark to his abdomen. There was bruising to his scrotum and nipple, which the Judge said bore the hallmarks of deliberate sadism.

The mother was later to tell police that Parker disciplined the boy by shouting at him, pushing him, flicking him with a towel, making him stand in a dark cupboard or outside in the dark.

Judge Bridge told Parker: "This was an unedifying and truly horrific week of violence. "You are a self pitying bully and you targeted a vulnerable 3-year-old child. The injuries bear the hallmarks of brutality and at times sadism. Fortunately the emergency services were called and he survived. But the injuries are permanent and life changing. He will never be the same again as a result of the injuries he sustained at your hands."

The Judge said the child had difficulty walking, will not use one arm, and his vision has been affected. Psychologically he is scared of going upstairs, does not like dark places, and fears loud voices.

He told the mother: "Moving in with Ryan Parker was a terrible mistake. You were infatuated with him, and it became clear to you that he could not tolerate the boy and was intentionally abusing him. "You did nothing to stop him and even encouraged him to stay and as a result he suffered catastrophic injuries. You did not seek medical assistance until he was at death's door. You put more importance on your relationship than the protection of your son. I accept you did not injure him yourself, but it was a serious failing of your parental responsibilities and I cannot suspend the sentence."

Stefan Weidmann defending Parker said: "He is a man with some inadequacies. He has issues with depression, suicidal thoughts and self loathing. He will take every opportunity offered to him to understand why his conduct has been so utterly appalling. He will be a very different man when he emerges from prison."

Miss Minal Raj, defending the mother said: "She was lured away from her marriage and fell under the spell of Mr Parker. She put everything after his happiness. But that spell has now been well and truly broken. She will be very vulnerable in prison."

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