Brothel boss jailed - Berkhamsted


Prostitutes working at two brothels were encouraged to have sex with clients without condoms, St Albans Crown Court heard on Monday, 07 October 2013. And when the girls, who had been trafficked to the UK from Hungary, threatened to leave, brothel boss Robert Turai warned them he would send compromising pictures of them to their families back home.

Turai had around 40 women working for him and over an 18 month period made huge sums of money running into tens of thousands of pounds.

He ran his brothels from two houses in Berkhamsted, Herts and in Hillingdon, advertising the women and the services they provided on a website.

Both properties were rented out to him by businessman Mohammed Jhangir. He knew what was going on at the houses and the court was told that Turai was so keen that nothing should go wrong, he allowed the businessman a sex "perk." Jhangir could have sex with any woman he wanted free of charge.  The car dealer boss made full use of the offer and would have sex with every new girl arriving at one of Turai's brothels.

On Monday, Jhangir, 37, of Chartridge Lane, Chesham in Bucks, whose car dealership office in Uxbridge Road, Hillingdon looked out onto the nearby brothel, was jailed for 12 months. He appeared for sentence having been found guilty at a trial earlier in the summer of two offences of keeping a brothel.

Hungarian Turai, 32, of no fixed address, was jailed for four years after pleading guilty to two offences of keeping a brothel, and four offences of trafficking women into the UK for the purposes of sexual exploitation.

Fellow Hungarian Janus Orsos, 27, of Helen McKay House, Poplar, London, pleaded guilty to one offence of assisting in the management of the brothel in Charles Street, Berkhamsted. At the time he was living in a house next door to the brothel in Charles Street. His job had been to take photos of the girls to go on the website and to drive them to private homes and hotels to meet clients. Judge Andrew Bright QC sentenced him to six months imprisonment suspended for 18 months, ordered him to pay costs of £1200 and carry out 150 hours of unpaid work.

Kevin West prosecuting said the two brothels operated between December 2009 and June 2011 and the women working in them had been "trafficked mainly from Hungary."

He described Turai as playing a "leading role" in the enterprise, who had brought the girls to the UK paying their fares.

The court was told none of the women had been forced into prostitution and all had come to the UK knowing they were to work in the sex trade. They had made the decision because of economic hardship back home in Hungary and a desire to send money to their families.

The court heard Turai took half the money each girl earned. Clients would pay in the region of £120 to £150 an hour and the women could be working all day and into the night visiting homes and hotels.

Despite the risk of Aids and catching other sexually transmitted diseases, Turai put pressure on the women to offer sex without the use of a condom. If a woman threatened to leave, Turai warned her he would send pictures of her from the internet to her family in Hungary.

After his arrest, detectives discovered a bank account belonging to Turai into which £150,000 had been paid.

Jhangir was already a successful businessman when Turai approached him to rent his houses in Charles Street in Berkhamsted and New Broadway in Uxbridge Road Hillingdon. In his home town of Chesham he was known for his charitable work.

Jhangir was soon aware of the type of business being operated from both addresses, but took full advantage of the "perk" offered to him by Turai.

Mr West said Herts police officers armed with a search warrant raided the brothel in 2011 after being alerted to the activities going on there by neighbours.

Sentencing the three men, Judge Bright told Turai: "You made many tens of thousands of pounds from the sexual exploitation of Hungarian girls you brought to this country."

The judge told Jhangir: "Your collusion and co-operation was seen by Turai as so important to the success of the brothels that he arranged for you to have sex free of charge at any brothel.

"I am satisfied that was a perk or reward and you took full advantage of it."

He added: "Your role was central to the success of the commercial operation."

The judge said he had had sex with "most, if not all of the women."

Judge Bright told Orsos his role had been at the "lower end" taking pictures of them for website profiles and transporting them to hotels and private homes.

An investigation is to take place into the assets of Jhangir and Turai to establish if any are from the proceeds of their criminal activities.

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