Boyfriend jailed for stabbing girlfriend in the eye - Dunstable


A boyfriend, who stabbed his partner in the eye leaving the knife embedded there, has today, Friday, 07 November 2014, been jailed for eleven and a half years.

A Judge said the "barbaric" case was "truly spine chilling," after hearing the woman had to pull the knife out herself. She is now blind in one eye and is facing further surgery to have the dead eye removed. She and her young daughter, who mercifully slept through the attack, have both been traumatised by the assault, Luton Crown Court was told on Friday.

Waldermar Szaltynas, aged 35, was originally charged with attempted murder, but that was not proceeded with after he pleaded guilty to an alternative charge of wounding with intent.

Kevin Barry, prosecuting, said the Polish reaturant worker met 36-year-old Agniieszka Oxley via the internet and moved into her home in Willoughby Close, Dunstable in February this year. She described their relationship as good, but when his work hours were reduced he felt he was losing respect, because he was earning less than her.

On 02 May this year, after he returned from work she tried to cheer him up with a a couple of glasses of wine, but he began complaining again about his hours. It was the early hours of the morning when she told him she was fed up with him complaining and wanted him to leave. She put his belongings in bags and put them outside. But then Szaltynas persuaded her into the lounge to talk matters over and immediately pushed her against a radiator and knocked her to the ground.

Mr Barry said: "He told her he wanted to kill her and fetched a knife with an 8 inch blade from the kitchen. He pinned her to the ground and stabbed down with the knife straight into her face. It was embedded in her eye and she asked him desperately to pull it out, but he said he couldn't and she had to pull it out herself. Then he took the knife and cut deeply into his own arm." She called 999.

"The emergency services found her in a desparate state and he was lying in a pool of his own blood," said the barrister.

He later came up with two different defences.  Firstly, he claimed the knife fell off a surface straight into her eye, but that was disproved by a forensic engineer. Then he claimed that she had cut him first and was injured in the eye during a subsequent struggle.

The court was told that the victim had recently learned that she would need the eye removed, which she has found very distressing. She said she has suffered mentally, physically, emotionally and financially, and her young daughter has also suffered psychologically.

Andel Singh, defending, described it as "an atrocious attack," but said the defendant had no history of violence of any kind. She said: "This was an isolated incident for which he offers his sincerest apologies."

Judge Michael Kay QC said Szaltynas had stabbed the victim with such force that the knife became embedded and a number of bones in her face were broken. "It was barbaric," he said. "Then in an act, which is truly spine chilling, she had to take hold of the knife and pull it out of her own eye. It is impossible to imagine what pain she must have been in and the psychological damage that caused. I believe the reason you cut your own arm was to lay a false trail, and even now you are not being honest with yourself."

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