Bogus Doctor jailed - Hertfordshire


A man appeared at St Albans Crown Court on Friday, 26 June 2015, and was jailed for four years after being found guilty in May of two counts of fraud by carrying out expensive and fake medical procedures, costing almost £160,000, on people he befriended, tricked and ‘treated’ in Hertfordshire.

He was also sentenced for causing Actual Bodily Harm (ABH) on a client who was left with injuries following a massage.

Joseph Valadakis, also known as Josef Hoffman, aged 48, of Cornwall Road, Tottenham, London deceived people into believing he was a Doctor and purported to have a PhD in biophysics from Cambridge University.  However, he has no medical qualifications.

He told clients he had worked with HM The Queen and a host of celebrities, claims which were untrue.

Some of his ficticious claims and treatments included:

  • His discovery of what he called 'second degree lipids,' which he said contained toxins capable of affecting people's health in a variety of ways. His 'lipid' removal treatment consisted of hard and painful massage which left marks on the skin. He told his patients they needed to have treatment to remove the toxins or they would develop cancer, strokes and heart attacks.
  • His invention of products to assist patients undergoing cancer treatment and that he had a secret government based lab and he medically treated some of MI5's spies.
  • Snail wraps where he applied cream, which he said was from the excrement of snails fed on lemongrass.
  • Giving massages with a substance he said was whale sperm.

In some cases he asked for intimate information about couples he was treating and asked some clients to submit a diary of their intimate thoughts.

The victims became so concerned they continued with treatment as they feared for their health.

All the victims had to supply urine samples before and after his treatments.  He was caught after a couple, who were both clients, became suspicious and provided a cocktail of urine from family members as a sample, including one member who was terminally ill with cancer, and this never got identified.

Judge Marie Catterson told Valadakis: "You have spun a web of complete self-serving deceit and babble.  You are nothing more than a conman with the ability to form relationships at a personal level with your victims.  You are a dishonest charlatan. You have no business telling any human being they did or they didn't have cancer. You are a devious and manipulative man."