ATM fraudster jailed - Hertfordshire


Fraudster Vitali Bezerdic travelled the country operating a card machine fraud.

Bezerdic, from Daventry in Northants, would attach a card skimming device to ATM machines to learn PIN numbers and other card details of unsuspecting customers. But when he was finally stopped by police in Hertfordshire with a skimming device in his car, the game was up.

At St Albans Crown Court on Tuesday, 09 July 2013, Bezerdic, 27, of Gleneagles Close in Daventry, pleaded guilty to four offences of possessing an article for use in fraud.

Kevin West prosecuting said following his arrest, Bezerdic could be linked to a number of incidents at ATM machines where the skimming devices had been fitted.

The first was at a Tesco Express store in Kidderminster in January 2011.  After a woman had become suspicious about the cash point, a device was found that contained the defendants fingerprints.

When a skimming device was found fitted to a cash point at a Morrison's store in Whitchurch Road, Shrewsbury in April 2012, Bezerdic's DNA was recovered from it.

Nine days later another device was found on the same machine and again his DNA was found.

The prosecutor said it was on 13 April this year at 10.20pm when the defendant was stopped by Herts police at the junction of the M25 with the M1 and a skimming device was found in the vehicle.

Judge Andrew Bright QC, hearing the case, was told it was not known how much money the defendant had obtained.

The court heard the married man, who has a 13-month-old child, had worked in the UK as a builder and was the sole provider for his ill parents who were back in Romania.

Passing sentence Judge Bright said he knew from experience of hearing similar cases that there were substantial sums to be made for people engaged in such "criminal activity."  He jailed Bezerdic for 12 months.

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