Asda cleaner jailed for car park stabbing - Wigmore


A man involved in an argument in Wigmore, went into ASDA and bought a knife which he used to stab another man in the stomach.

Horrified late night shoppers saw the victim lift up his top to reveal a wound and part of his intestines hanging out, a court was told.

The court had no up to date medical reports on the consequences of the wound, so Judge Michael Kay QC said he would have to assume the victim had made a full recovery.

Before the court was Aaron Brannigan, aged 22, who worked as a night cleaner at the supermarket. His attempt to buy the knife was blocked at first as he could not verify his age, but the duty manager, who knew him, authorised it. It was just minutes later that he stabbed James Flynn in the store car park, said Daniel Siong, prosecuting for Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) on Friday, 21 November 2014.

Brannigan, of Cutlers Green, Luton pleaded guilty at Luton Crown Court to wounding with intent and was jailed for four and a half years.

Mr Siong said the two men had argued in the Wigmore Arms on 22 July this year. The row spilled outside and Mr Flynn was seen punching Brannigan, who then walked away threatening to kill the the other man.

He went to the superstore and bought the knife and then confronted Mr Flynn who was standing outside. Witnesses thought they saw a punch, but it became apparent that Brannigan had stabbed the other man. An off duty Special Constable said she saw the knife in the defendant's hand as he pulled it out.

"The victim lifted up his top and said 'look what you have done.' Some of his intestines had fallen out of the wound," said Mr Siong.

In a statement he gave to police Brannigan said he had mental health issues. He could remember being punched and said he bought the knife to defend himself.

Alex di Francesco, defending, said Brannigan was not the one who started the violence and felt the need to defend himself. "He will miss the birth of his first child because custody is inevitable. He is attempting to improve and better himself while in custody."

Passing sentence, Judge Kay said: "I accept the start of the trouble was Mr Flynn punching you, but instead of walking away you took it into your head to go and buy a knife and you chose to stab him."

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