Airport bomb hoaxer jailed - Luton


A Romanian man, who claimed to have a bomb inside him which he would detonate at London Luton airport, has today, Friday, 30 October 2015, been jailed for 13 months.

In a rambling rant to the court Vasilica Stanescu blamed the slow response time when he called an ambulance for him making the threat. Through an interpreter he said: "I started to have a panic attack and called an ambulance. I waited for 15 to 20 minutes and no-one turned up. In my country you wait five minutes for an ambulance."

His lawyer, Henry Day, said the 28-year-old had only been in the UK since August and had wanted to return home because he could not find work. He had left his wife behind and his mother was ill. He thought a friend would meet him at the airport to arrange his ticket for him but he did not show up. He drank six bottles of beer while waiting and had taken cocaine and then started to have a panic attack.

Prosecutor Davinia Mootien told Luton Crown Court that it was during his sixth call to the ambulance service at 8am on 08 October this year, that he made the bomb threat. Police were alerted and as they arrived they saw him outside the terminal. As they approached him he started tapping at the key pad of his mobile phone. He was arrested and spat at the officer and continued spitting when detained in a cell, which meant the cell had to be professionally cleaned.

Stanescu, who had been living in Dirkhill Road, Bradford pleaded guilty to making a bomb hoax, assault on police and criminal damage.

Mr Day said: "He regrets making the comment about having a bomb inside him and apologises for the inconvenience he caused. Fortunately the police dealt with him quickly and the airport was not evacuated."

Judge Richard Foster told Stanescu on Friday: "This was a stupid thing to do and could have led to the police taking the decision to evacuate the airport. The fact you had taken drugs and were drunk is an aggravating feature. Saying you had a bomb which could be detonated calls for a deterrent sentence."

Stanescu was jailed for twelve months for the bomb hoax with an additional 28 days for assaulting the police officer by spitting at him and causing criminal damage to the police cell. He will also have to pay a £100 victim surcharge and a £180 criminal courts costs order.

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