'Untouchable' burglar and accomplice jailed - Luton


Burglar Courtney Reynolds was given 'chance after chance' by the courts, so much so that a Judge said he thought he was 'untouchable' and carried on offending. But justice caught up with the 20-year-old on Friday, 18 July 2014, when he was sentenced to four years youth custody at Luton Crown Court.

Simon Stirling, prosecuting, said in January this year Reynolds faced a Judge for a burglary which put him in jeopardy of a three year minimum term as it was his third offence.

He had climbed into a bungalow in Toddington Road, Luton through a small window left open for cats. Inside a 77-year-old woman and her son were asleep, and discovered the burglary in the morning. Reynolds had left his fingerprint on the window.

He admitted the offence, but because he had just started an alcohol treatment programme imposed by another court, the Judge deferred sentence for six months to see if the course would change his ways.

But on 05 March this year he and a friend burgled a house in Kestral Way, Luton, where the owner was asleep on a sofa, with her daughter. They took the mobile phone that was laying on her chest and some other property. But she woke, and called 999 and Reynolds and 19 year old Ciaran Whish were arrested near by, said Mr. Stirling. Reynolds, of Hockwell Ring, pleaded not guilty to that offence, but was convicted by a jury.

Judge David Farrell QC told him: "Your behaviour demonstrates that you have absolutely no desire to mend your ways. You had been out drinking and taking cannabis and clearly decided to do a burglary because of the money you had spent." He said Reynolds had not served a custodial sentence previously.

Whish, also of Hockwell Ring, pleaded guilty to the Kestral Way burglary, and had no previous convictions for burglary. Judge Farrell sentenced him to two years youth custody. He told him: "You were not the ring leader, but you admitted you went into the property."

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