'Madam' made to pay £350,000 in confiscation order


Kimberley Davies (43) of The Meadows, Davis Way, Hurst, in Berkshire was yesterday (14 December) ordered to pay £350,000 in a confiscation order. She had earlier pleaded guilty to participating in the management of six brothels.

Senior Crown Advocate for CPS Thames Valley, Simon Heptonstall, said afterwards: 'This case shows that the police and Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) work closely together to make sure that crime does not pay those who perpetrate such offences.

'Not only is the profit confiscated; the entire turnover is as well. If the offender does not have enough 'criminal' cash left, it must be paid from the assets that they have lawfully obtained. The CPS will make sure that criminals are deprived of the means to fund new criminal activities.'

'So far this year, the CPS in the Thames Valley has obtained orders confiscating almost £4.5 million. Those funds are returned to the criminal justice system to further support the fight against crime.'

After a thorough investigation of Miss Davies' finances by Thames Valley Police, the CPS prepared a detailed application for the confiscation of the proceeds of her criminal conduct.

At the hearing yesterday at Reading Crown Court, Judge Zoe Smith, the Honorary Recorder of Reading, found that Miss Davies had a criminal lifestyle, meaning that she then had to explain all her income and expenditure in the six years leading up to her arrest.

The Court ruled that Miss Davies had received a benefit of £675,000 from her criminal activities, but only had £350,000 available assets. That £350,000 was ordered to be paid within six months otherwise Miss Davies shall be imprisoned for three years and four months, in addition to the one-year sentence she had already served for the brothel-keeping offences.