Awards Honour for Long Service and Bravery - Hertfordshire


Officers, staff and members of the public were awarded for bravery and long service at a ceremony held at the Hertfordshire Constabulary Headquarters in Welwyn Garden City on Thursday, 20 November 2014.

The awards were presented by guest of honour Adrian Foster, the Chief Crown Prosecutor for Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), who said: "It is a privilege to be the guest of honour at Hertfordshire Constabulary's awards evening.  It gives me great pleasure to recognise and celebrate the long service, achievement, and bravery of members of the Criminal Justice Services and the public in this way.  I would like to convey my congratulations to all the recipients of the awards.  Each and every one of them has made a significant contribution to the safety of our community."

Members of the Special Constabulary received long service awards. These are people who generously give their time to work alongside regular officers and play an active and vital role in tackling crime and maintaining public safety. The following received recognition: 

  •  Former Special Constable Kelly Caird for nine years' service

Members of police staff were also honoured for long service. The following were awarded:

  • Joanne Bishop, who is based at Headquarters in Welwyn Garden City, and has completed 20 years' service
  • Gordon Jennings, who is based at Headquarters in Welwyn Garden City was honoured for 40 years' service.

The next sets of awards were from The Royal Humane Society.  The Society is a charity that grants awards for acts of bravery in the saving of human life and for the restoration of life by resuscitation. These are very prestigious awards and are entirely independent of any influence from other agencies or associated parties.

PC Matt Brian, aged 33, who is based in Welwyn Garden City received this award in relation to an incident, which occurred on Christmas Eve 2013. PC Brian was off-duty and with his family travelling on the M1 near Bushey when his attention was drawn to an incident on the hard shoulder. They stopped and he approached a vehicle, which had gone underneath the crash barrier.

Matt worked to protect the driver organising a blanket to cover him before giving advanced first aid. The Fire and Rescue Service joined him and they worked together to safely remove the driver enabling an immediate transfer to hospital by air ambulance. Sadly, despite further medical assistance, the driver did not survive.

Royal Humane Society awards were also presented to:

  •  Special Constable Daniel McNeill, aged 24. He is based at Cheshunt police station and lives in Harlow
  • Special Sergeant Cass Mahoney, aged 27. She is based at Cheshunt police station and lives in Bow, East London
  • St John's Ambulance personnel Rosemary Burroughs, who lives in Nazeing, and Keith Kendall, who lives in Hoddesdon
  • Fire Fighter Darren Muir, aged 27, from Hoddesdon.

On Sunday, 10 November 2013, in Hoddesdon High Street, Special Constable Daniel McNeill and Special Sergeant Cass Mahoney were on duty at the Remembrance Day Parade when a gentleman suddenly collapsed, hitting his head on the pavement as he fell. Both officers rushed to assist him and Daniel commenced CPR.

The officers called for assistance and were joined by Darren, Rosemary and Keith who also assisted. The man was subsequently taken to hospital by paramedics and made a full recovery.

Chief Constable's Commendations were also awarded on the night. PCSO Mark Pearce, who is based in Watford and lives in Luton, received one for his work as part of the investigation of an incident in which a pigs head was left outside the North Watford Mosque.

During a high visibility patrol Mark, spotted a butchers van within the local area and, identifying a possible connection, promptly submitted the details of the vehicle to the investigating team. The result of enquiries which were then conducted with the owners of the van revealed that they had delivered a pigs head to an address in close proximity to the mosque and to a male of interest. The offender was arrested and subsequently sentenced to seven weeks in prison.

Chief Constable Andy Bliss said: "These awards are both a celebration of those who have gone the extra mile and an opportunity to say a big thank you to family and friends who offer such fantastic support.  It is important that we properly recognise the commitment and achievements of our staff and these events enable us to do that."