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CPS Rape Policy

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Honour Crimes

Crimes committed to 'defend' a family's honour will not be tolerated in our society. We are determined to prosecute more of these cases and, to that end, we have set up a network of specialist prosecutors across the country, with in-depth knowledge of the complexities and sensitivities around these cases.

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CPS Domestic Abuse Policy

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Female Genital Mutilation - National Society for the Provention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC)

Female Genital Mutilation - National Health Service (NHS)

Victim Support (CPS)

Reporting Abuse

If you are a victim of any abuse, please contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. If you are a victim, or know someone who is a victim, of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), please call the NPSCC's FGM Helpline on 0800 028 355 or email:

Allie Longhorn - Head of Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Unit(RASSO)

Allie Longhorn, Head of RASSO UnitAllie joined the CPS straight after University and completed her pupillage working in the Crown Court Trials Unit in Bristol, qualifying as a barrister in 2008.

On completion of her pupillage Allie joined the Magistrates Court team in Bristol where she spent the next three years prosecuting Magistrates Court and Youth Court trials, before moving to the Crown Court Trials Unit in 2011. In 2013 Allie gained temporary promotion to the role of District Crown Prosecutor for the Gloucestershire office. A restructure of the South West area saw Allie return to Bristol as temporary District Crown Prosecutor of the Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Unit in 2014, a post which she secured permanently in 2015.

Allie is married and lives in Devon with her family.


The RASSO Team, formed in 2009 is led by District Crown Prosecutor, Allie Longhorn. The Team work inconjunction with Avon & Somerset, Devon & Cornwall and Gloucestshire Police Forces. A committed team, they aim to improve the way we prosecute cases which include:

  • rape cases including attempted rape
  • child sexual abuse cases, including historic cases
  • all other serious sexual offences
  • all allegations of perverting the course of justice or wasting police time which arise from false accusations of rape and domestic violence.

These types of offences have their own particular sensitivities and we want to improve public confidence in the way in which we review and progress cases of this nature.

As these cases are often complex involving difficult and sensitive family relationships they are managed by specialised lawyers and support staff who have received the appropriate training. At court, the cases are dealt with by advocates who have the appropriate experience and ability and who have received the proper training.

The CPS South West RASSO Unit is a dedicated and specialised team, chosen because they possess the requisite experience of prosecution work and have demonstrated a commitment and interest in dealing with these difficult and often traumatic cases. They all have a great deal of understanding of the sensitivities of prosecuting cases of this nature, and how difficult and harrowing it can be for a victim from the first step of making a complaint to the police through to giving evidence in a trial.

Due to this level of expertise, every case of rape is now handled by a rape specialist who will advise and have responsibility for that case from the pre charge advice through to the case at court.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Your local CPS is committed to working with our partner agencies and victims together in the fight against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

FGM is a collective term for a range of procedures which involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia for non-medical reasons. It is sometimes referred to as female circumcision, or female genital cutting.

The FGM Act 2003 makes it illegal for such practices to be performed in the United Kingdom. It is also an offence for UK nationals or permanent UK residents to carry out, or aid, abet, counsel or procure the carrying out of FGM abroad on a UK national or permanent UK resident, even in countries where the practice is legal.

Violence Against Women (VAWG)

Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) includes crimes that affect women disproportionately such as domestic violence, rape, sexual offences, forced marriage, honour-based violence and other crimes perpetrated primarily, but not exclusively, by men against women.

This is unacceptable and it is against the law. Whilst recognising that these issues mainly affect women, our policies address both women and men as victims/survivors or alleged perpetrators of these incidents.