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Johnathan Cock Pleads Guilty To Murdering Adam Hustler
Man Sentenced For 69 Fraud And Distraction Burglary Offences
Crime Doesn't Pay
Access To Justice For Victims And Witnesses
Colin Blanchard, Vanessa George and Angela Allen
CPS Authorises Charges Over Disappearance Of Paignton Man
CPS Consults On Changes To Prosecution Principles
CPS Updates Its Policy To Tackle Football Hooliganism
Police And CPS Welcome Guilty Plea In Murder Case
Chilean justice system recognises status of Avon and Somerset's Witness Care Unit
Trio Receive 18 month jail term for racist attacks
CPS consults on core quality standards
CPS report shows rise in successful hate crime convictions
CPS Counter-Terrorism Division talks to young people in Bristol
Man pleads guilty to World's End Pub murder
Former Police Special Constable Found Guilty Of Harassment
Andrew Lawless found guilty of murdering Stephen Price
Gail Sherwood jailed for false rape claims
Young perpetrator of race hate crime sentenced
CCP for Gloucestershire focuses on hate crime
Core Quality Standards
eight men admit involvement in drugs gang
Rachel Baker sentenced to 10 years for manslaughter
Football Banning Orders
Patrick Matthews
Devon and Cornwall Constabulary and Crown Prosecution Service defeat drugs gang
Drug ring's prison terms welcomed by prosecutors
Ten sentenced in gloucs drug trafficking case
Office move for Truro staff
Shaun Richards
Christopher Farrell
Victoria Cook
Michael Burridge
Alan Potbury
PCJ guidelines
Daniel Phillips' sentence increased on appeal
New structure for CPs South West
Nigel Leat
Ross Parsons
Ross Parsons sentence uplift
Leanne Burnell
Vincent Tabak found guilty of the murder of Jo Yeates
CPS publishes new Violence Against Women report
CPS charges 10 defendants with offences committed at Winterbourne View care home
Life sentences for Keith Soons' murderers
Michael Overd acquitted
Thomas Haigh guilty of Cornish double murder
Haigh and Stone sentenced
First cases prosecuted at Bristol Magistrates’ courts using a tablet computer
Man charged for murder at the vicarage
Chewing gum theft is "big business" in South West says CPS lawyer
Peter Rowell sentenced
Andrew Hartley convicted of gross negligence manslaughter
Cornish fisherman guilty of murder
Brian Harrison sentenced for the murder of Neville Dunn
North somerset woman jailed for 10 years
Shane Jenkin sentenced to life
Five Bristol City supporters given Football Banning Orders
CPS authorises police to charge Cheltenham man with making an explosive substance
CPS authorise charge over Olympic flame explosion threats
CPS welcomes sentencing of Layla Ridgement and Kirsty Stevenson
More than 50 years for Gloucester organised crime group
19 year old charged with murder of his grandfather, 91
Company secretary charged with defrauding employer
Leanne Burnell found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving
Pair Sentenced for death of Taunton Schoolgirl
Pair guilty of Rico murder
Last of Winterbourne View Defendants Pleads Guilty
Lagwinowicz and Nowak charged with conspiracy to murder
CPS authorise police to charge Lee and Michael McGinty with the murder
Kenneth Shirley found guilty of rape
Man charged over M5 crash
CPS welcomes Court of Appeal's decision to increase sentence of Leanne Burnell
Eleven sentenced for hate crimes at Winterbourne View
Stephen Farrow fount guilty of two murders
Sandra Clinch found guilty of manslaughter for killing her husband
Jahangir Karim sentenced to five years for grooming
Richard Mason
Five convicted for forced labour conspiracy
Kemp and Petrauske found guilty of historic child sex abuse
CPS statement on Geoffrey Counsell
CPS authorises charge following Hanham tandem deaths
Life sentence for Barach Bandavad
Suspended sentence for fake CCTV
Second man guilty of Plymouth nightclub assault
CPS authorises further charge for Hanham tandem deaths
Pair convicted for Joss Stone murder plot
Man charged with fraudulent £500k Help for Heroes charity collection
Nicky Lovell and Louise Cox plead guilty for their parts in Hanham tandem deaths
Alexander Channer given life sentence for murder of Colin Payne
Lovell and Cox sentenced for Hanham tandem crash
Life sentences for Catherine Wells-Burr's killers
Three found guilty of Catherine Wells-Burr's murder
Bristol teacher guilty of sexual assault of pupils
John Alway sentenced to 11 years
CPS authorises charge of Paul Vowles for causing death of Jake Thompson
Junior Bradshaw gets 18 years for role in Joss Stone murder plot
Gregory Plant ordered to pay £11,000
65 years for South West drugs gang
Custodial sentence for Tina Nash's attacker
former GP charged with murder of GP husband
CPS South West statement on proposed closure of Gloucester office
Two jailed for murder of Bijan Ebrahimi
Two Gloucester men charged with murder
Violent rapist brought to justice in Cornwall
Perjury detected by eagle-eyed prosecutor
Jail for four Weston drug dealers
Man charged with murder of man found in copper mine
Lord Somerset jailed for two years for domestic violence
CPS authorises charges for senior Caerphilly Council employees
Man charged with murder of Gloucester hairdresser
Terrance Williams sentenced to sixteen years for systematic sexual abuse of girl
Colin Stokes sentenced to 14 years
Cold case Cornish murder development – arrest and charge of local man
Woman jailed for perverting the course of justice
Asher Maslin jailed for murder of Hollie Gazzard
Man charged with hospital stabbing
Driver faces court for death of Freddie Hussey
Life sentence for Daniel Spencer for killing ex-wife
13 convicted of child sexual exploitation
Final seven sentenced for Bristol child sexual exploitation case
No charge in Melanie Hall investigation
Teacher jailed for sex with student
OBE for CPS Crown Advocate
Patrick curran guilty of 2003 Delabole murder
Man charged with Gloucester machete killing
CPS statement in relation to alleged assault of member of Hunt Saboteurs Association
Seven Bristol City supporters given Football Banning Orders
Six sentenced for conspiracy to supply drugs in Somerset
Glastonbury man charged with murder
CPS authorises charges in relation to death of Becky Watts
CPS authorises further charges in relation to death of Becky Watts
CPS authorises charge of two men for murder of Jason Betts
Christopher Higgs jailed for defrauding women
Two charged with Gloucestershire attack
Luchiano Barnes guilty of Nicholas Robinson murder
Luchiano Barnes sentenced for Nicholas Robinson murder
Further charges in Becky Watts murder case
CPS authorises Mark Doggrell to be charged with GBH
Man charged with murder of Melanie Road after cold case review
Former Clifton College teacher charged with possession of indecent images
Man charged in relation to Bristol woman's death
135 years for Liverpool to Devon drugs gang
Frequently asked questions
Child sex offender expelled from Thailand given 15½ years
Nathan Matthew guilty of murdering Becky Watts
Pair sentenced for Becky Watts murder
Three guilty of murder of Cornish pensioner
CPS needs your help improving prosecutions
CPS South West response to HMCPSI report
Five people charged with defrauding NHS Trust
Former PCSO sentenced to 24 years imprisonment for child rape and sexual assault
Charlie Broadway guilty of murder
Lansdown Lane - Men convicted of unlawful killings
Lorry firm owner and mechanic jailed for manslaughter
Paediatrician pleads guilty to the making and distribution of indecent images
Bath councillor Donal Hassett guilty of drugs conspiracy
HGV driver guilty of causing death by dangerous driving
Man sentenced for shooting child with air gun
Street Preachers guilty
Driver jailed for dangerous driving
Man guilty of capturing and killing rare butterflies
Steven Sharpe jailed for the murder of teenager
Lee McClatchley sentenced to life in prison
Lee Stoodley guilty of causing death by careless driving
Frank Halliday guilty of stealing from elderly
Couple sentenced following admission of mistreating baby
Uninsured driver sentenced
Suspended sentence for killer of rare butterflies
Former Nurse jailed
Dwain Rogers jailed for child sex abuse
Former Jackanory Presenter jailed for historic sexual assault
Man jailed for sexually abusing young girls
Private Tutor jailed for sexual assault
Flatmate guilty of manslaughter
3 teenagers jailed for vicious killing
Directors and staff of Devon care homes convicted of abuse of residents
CPS welcomes visit from Pupillage Barristers
Cornwall Care Home Manager Convicted
Driver who did not stop after an accident given custodial sentence
Pensioner jailed over historic sexual abuse
Jordan Sweetlove jailed for brutal rape
Dwayne Bailey guilty of raping teenager
Andrew Toms jailed for 19 years
3 men jailed for brutal murder of Stephen Bull at recreational park
Man jailed for child sex offences
In the dock – Bristol Magistrates Court round up
Man guilty of non-recent sex offences
This week in the dock - Bristol Magistrates Court
Michael Magic found guilty of Voyeurism
Disqualified driver caught behind the wheel of vehicle
Frome man sentenced to imprisonment for a string of non-recent sex offences
Ex-boyfriend kidnaps former partner
Rival gang members guilty of kidnap, rape and possessing a firearm
Repeat Offender jailed at Bristol Magistrates’ Court
Chyna Crew Sentencing
Plymouth man admitted importing childlike sex dolls
Human Trafficker?s jailed
Plymouth drug dealers sentenced
Dealer who unlawfully sold art jailed
Neighbour jailed for racially aggravated threatening behaviour
Former Scout Leader jailed
Steven Joyce - sentence doubled
Pensioner jailed for sexual assaults on children
Motorway stone throwing culprits jailed
Ball jailed at Exeter Crown Court for non-recent sexual offences
Pensioner Budd convicted for non-recent sexual offences
Job Opportunity - Senior Responsible Officer
56 people sentenced for drug trafficking across South West England
Man convicted of murder following knife attack on asylum seeker
Record numbers receive tougher hate crime sentences
Couple who live streamed abuse of child sentenced
Man sentenced for non-recent sexual abuse
Men involved in mass brawl sentenced
Fraudsters jailed for John Lewis shopping scam
Nephew of Rose West jailed
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