Three guilty of murder of Cornish pensioner


Today at Truro Crown Court a jury found three people guilty of the murder of Terry Oldham, 63, from Camborne.

Aaron Mallen, 24, Michelle Casterton, 44, of Grenville Road, Falmouth, and Daniel Quinn, 23, of Tregullow Road, Falmouth, have stood trial at the court for the last five weeks. The jury's verdict today was unanimous.

CPS Senior Crown Prosecutor, Julian Herbert said: "Terry Oldham let these individuals share his home and they repaid him by subjecting him to months of both physical and mental abuse, which culminated in a vicious, horrifying and, ultimately, fatal attack.

"Mr Oldham was in a vulnerable situation and they took advantage of this by stealing credit cards and money from him and selling his belongings to fund their drugs habits.

"The CPS worked closely with Devon and Cornwall police throughout this lengthy and complicated investigation and it is testament to the hard work of the whole prosecution team that these three individuals have today been found guilty of Mr Oldham's murder.

He went on: "This is a case that proves the value and importance of Section 5 of the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004, and the implications for allegations of murder when  the evidential rules and procedure set out in Section 6 of that Act are employed. A Section 5 count was laid against each defendant as an alternative to murder from the time of charge."

Mallen, Quinn and Casterton were each sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum tariff for each defendant of 25, 24 and 22 years respectively before parole can be considered.

A fourth defendant, Richard Rosevear, was cleared by the trial judge of murder after he had given evidence and was found by the jury to be not guilty of a Section 5 DVCVA charge in relation to Mr Oldham's death.