Three found guilty of Catherine Wells-Burr's murder


Rafal Nowak, Anna Lagwinowicz and Tadeusz Dmytryszyn were today found guilty of the murder of Catherine Wells-Burr by a jury at Bristol Crown Court.

Senior Crown Prosecutor Melanie Ringland said: "In the days following the murder the police asked for the assistance and guidance of the Crown Prosecution Service. That assistance came from the South West Complex Casework Unit based in Bristol.

"We worked closely with Avon and Somerset police throughout this extremely complex investigation. This investigation was meticulous. By piecing together numerous pieces of evidence the prosecution team were able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Rafal Nowak, Anna Lagwinowicz and Tadeuz Dmytryszyn were guilty of this ruthless murder motivated by greed."

Detective Chief Inspector Simon Crisp, who led the investigation, said: "This was a wicked crime committed against a bright and innocent young woman who had her whole life ahead of her.

"Rafal Nowak, Anna Lagwinowocz and Tadeuz Dymtryszyn took both Catherine's and her family's future away from them on the night they carried out this calculated killing. They then tried to cover their tracks and mislead us in a bid to get away with what they had done.

"Murder is a terrible crime but what makes this worse is the intricate planning that took place while Nowak pretended to care about Catherine, playing the doting boyfriend while plotting to take her life for a few thousand pounds.

"Their plan unravelled despite their best attempts to mislead us and today they have been found guilty of Catherine's murder.

"I would like to pay tribute to Catherine's family who have remained strong and dignified throughout. Their support to the investigate team has been invaluable.

"Finally I'd like to thank our first rate prosecution team led by the CPS here in Bristol who coordinated a complicated and challenging case through to today's final conclusion."

Rafal Nowak, Anna Lagwinowocz and Tadeuz Dymtryszyn all stood trial accused of murdering Catherine on 12 September last year. It is believed she was killed at her home in Chard, Somerset, and her body placed in the driver's seat of her car just off the A358 in Ilminster and set on fire.

The jury delivered a unanimous verdict for Nowak and a 10:2 majority verdict for Lagwinowicz and Dymtryszyn. They will be sentenced on Monday 10th June 2013.

The prosecution proved how Nowak and Lagwinowocz had been conducting a clandestine relationship and had intricately planned her murder over a number of months, motivated by the money Nowak would receive through Catherine's life insurance policy.