Teacher jailed for sex with student


Simon Parsons, 52, from Gloucestershire, has today been sentenced to 12 months' imprisonment for having sex with a student.

While teaching drama at Castle School in Thornbury, Parsons, who is married with a family, entered into a sexual relationship with one of his pupils, who was 17 at the time. The relationship lasted for around five years.He pleaded guilty in November to five counts of sexual activity with a child.

CPS Crown Advocate James Ward said: "School teachers are mentors to those children in their care for the vast majority of waking hours in their day. They are in loco parentis; a person in authority, in a position of trust. They are there to educate and give guidance to those in their care on a wide range of issues, including relationships, emotional and sexual issues. In short, it is part of their role to help pupils become well-adjusted adults.

"For a teacher to enter into a sexual relationship is to abuse the trust placed in them by the student, their parents and the school. By becoming emotionally and sexually involved with a child in their care they are no longer able to offer advice and guidance in an appropriate and professional way.

"This case saw a married man in his late 40s, with his own family, enter into a sexual relationship with a teenage girl for his own sexual gratification and short-lived excitement.

"I hope today's sentence will help the victim come to terms with what she has been through."