Plymouth man admitted importing childlike sex dolls


A Plymouth man who tried to import childlike sex dolls has appeared for sentencing today (Friday 1st September) at Plymouth Crown Court having pleaded guilty to all counts at an earlier hearing.

Brian Hopkins (40) of Mannamead, Plymouth had a package confiscated by Borders Customs in October 2016 under Section 42, Customs Consolidation Act 1976 legislation regarding the importation of a "child sex doll, which was an indecent or obscene article" at Stanstead Airport. He first appeared at Plymouth Magistrates Court in July 2017 charged with eight offences.

Recent media reports has highlighted a surge in seizures of the child-like sex dolls by border officers which has led investigators to identify dozens of individuals who appear to have a sexual interest in children.

Brian Hopkins was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment, suspended for two years and is subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for 10 years.

Border Force officers have powers to seize items they believe are indecent or obscene under customs legislation, with those who ordered them prosecuted under a specific charge of importing an indecent or obscene article.

Head of RASSO Unit, CPS South West District Crown Prosecutor Allie Longhorn said:”The prosecution of those who have imported childlike sex dolls is a fairly new issue and I am aware of only a handful of such cases already prosecuted. Goods prohibited to be imported include Indecent or obscene prints, paintings, photographs, books, cards, lithographic or other engravings, or any other indecent or obscene articles."

Brian Hopkins was also required to sign the sexual offenders register for 10 years.

Allie added: "The doll has clearly been made for the purposes of sexual gratification. It has anatomically correct orifices and was supplied with instructions and a 'douche' with which to clean it after use. We know that these purchases can indicate offences against children, as was the case against Brian Hopkins."