Six month sentence after perjury detected by eagle-eyed prosecutor


Darren Midwinter, 36, from Nettleton in Gloucestershire was today at Gloucester Crown Court handed a six month custodial sentence for attempting to pervert the course of justice after his forged receipt was spotted by CPS lawyer Graham Dono.

CPS Senior Crown Prosecutor Graham Dono said: "I'm sure every one of my colleagues would have done the same thing as me if armed with information which clearly showed that a defendant had just perjured himself in a trial and had further produced a forged document  on which his lie was predicated.

"This type of behaviour strikes at the heart of the criminal justice system and I am satisfied the courts took a similar view which is borne out by the sentence Mr Midwinter received he was a man of previous good character and was immediately imprisoned on entry of his guilty plea at court for this offence."

Mr Midwinter initially faced prosecution for failing to stop at the scene of an accident, failing to report the accident and driving without due care and appeared for trial at Stroud Magistrates Court in June last year. However after supplying a receipt from a local transport company which showed he was elseweher as well as photographs of his vehicle which showed it was not the vehicle involved in the collision, he was found not guilty.

However, CPS prosecutor Graham Dono suspected the receipt had been tampered with and advised police to make further enquiries. Officers from Gloucestershire police obtained a statement from the transport company and sought the original invoice which showed the receipt given in evidence had been tampered with. they also seized a typewriter, which was shown to have been used to alter the receipt, from Midwinters bedroom.