Pair sentenced for Becky Watts murder


Nathan Matthews and Shauna Hoare have today been sentenced for their roles in the death of Bristol teenager Becky Watts.

Sitting at Bristol Crown Court, Mr Justice Dingemans handed Nathan Matthews a life sentence, with a minimum custodial term of 33 years, meaning he will not be released from prison until he is at least 61. His girlfriend Shana Hoare, who was found guilty of manslaughter on Wednesday, was given a 17 year sentence.

Rachael Scott, head of the CPS South West Complex Casework Unit said: "Matthews and Hoare have never expressed any remorse for Becky's death, demonstrative of the callous way they took a young woman's life.

"The investigating team, lead by Detective Superintendent Liz Tonks, conducted a superb investigation of this thoroughly macabre case and the evidence they gathered, when presented in court by William Mouseley QC and CPS Crown Advocate Richard Posner, was sufficient to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt of the guilt of Matthews and Hoare.

"The sentences passed today reflect the gravity of the crimes they committed and the cruel way in which they maintained they knew nothing of Becky's whereabouts, allowing her family to continue to hope she would be found alive. They sat with that family knowing what they had done and that their lives would soon be torn apart.

"Nothing will ever compensate for Becky's death but I hope the conclusion of the case will at least bring a degree of comfort and closure for her loved ones."