Office move for Truro staff


After more than 20 years in their 'temporary' offices on Infirmary Hill, CPS staff in Truro finally have a permanent home!

In 1987, a year after the inception of the CPS, staff in the Cornwall office, then based in Lemon Street, Truro, moved to temporary offices on Infirmary Hill to accommodate their rapidly increasing workload and workforce!

Now, 23 years later, they are finally moving to a more permanent home on Green Street.

Legal Trainer Tony Randall was there at the beginning: "I transferred to Cornwall from the West Midlands and when I met with old colleagues they never believed me when I said I was genuinely working far harder than I did in Birmingham - I think they actually thought we spent all our time on the beach!

"There are still five of the original team of 13 working in the Truro office and though it's been 25 years (we were the Police Prosecuting Office before we became the CPS) we don't feel a day older than the day we started. Well, maybe a day. Or two."