Court of Appeal decision on Michael Burridge


The Court Of Appeal has today given judgement that the conviction of Michael Burridge for the murder of his two month old son Rees is unsafe.

The judgement was made after consideration by the Court of Appeal of the original evidence the jury heard as well as substantial additional medical evidence gathered during the appeal process. This suggested the possibility of alternative explanations for the death of Rees.

It is important to stress that the judgement makes it clear that Michael Burridge is responsible for the unlawful killing of Rees and they have accordingly substituted a finding of manslaughter. The original conviction for murder has been overturned because of the difficulty of proving the intent of Michael Burridge at the time of Rees's death.

The Police, Crown Prosecution Service and Prosecuting Counsel have worked closely together on this case throughout, and understand and accept, the carefully considered judgement of the court. There will not be a retrial.

The Police and the Crown Prosecution Service has spoken to Donna, Reess mother about the verdict and she has made the following statement to the media. Donna has provided this statement as she does not wish to be contacted by the media. We ask that the media respect her wish for privacy at this time.

Statement from Donna Glynn:
"For me there will never be enough justice for Rees and this decision isnt one that I agree with but I have to accept it.

"My son died of horrific injuries and as his mother it is very difficult to accept that those injuries werent caused intentionally. A mother can never get over the death of a child especially in these circumstances but I have to try somehow to pick up the pieces and rebuild my life.

"I think the only way my son could rest in peace is with an acknowledgement from Michael that he is responsible for killing Rees and for him to show some remorse. Rees was a beautiful little boy and Ill never forget holding him, looking in his beautiful dark blue eyes and holding his little hand. He was very special and although I only spent a short time with him the memory of him will stay with me forever and I will always love him so much. At least now he is free from pain.

"I would like to thank the police and the other agencies for their tireless work and commitment to the case. I would also like to thank my friends and family for their love and support throughout this extremely difficult time."