Life sentences for Catherine Wells-Burr's killers


At Bristol Crown Court today Rafal Nowak, Anna Lagwinowicz and Tadeusz Dmytryszyn have each been handed life sentences, to serve a minimum of 32 years, for the murder of Catherine Wells-Burr.

CPS Senior Crown Prosecutor, Melanie Ringland said: "The CPS Southwest Complex Casework Unit based in Bristol has advised and assisted this thorough police investigation from the very early stages, and by working closely to piece together numerous pieces of evidence the prosecution team were able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Rafal Nowak, Anna Lagwinowicz and Tadeusz Dmytryszyn were guilty of this ruthless murder motivated by greed.

"Most importantly, today, we would like to thank Catherines family for their patience and understanding during this difficult process. They have had to give evidence in this trial and have been present to listen to all of the evidence. They have demonstrated great dignity throughout and we hope that the conclusion of this case brings some comfort to them as the three defendants begin life sentences."

Catherine Wells-Burr was murdered on 12 September 2012. Her body was taken to countryside just outside Chard, Somerset, where it was placed in the driver's seat of her Ford Focus and burnt, using petrol bought specifically for that purpose. The defendants set an elaborate trail to conceal their involvement, involving multiple mobile phones and SIM cards and false profiles on social media sites. Rafal Nowak, Anna Lagwinowicz and Tadeusz Dmytryszyn were found guilty of Catherines murder by a jury at Bristol Crown Court on 7 June 2013.