Haigh and Stone sentenced


Thomas Alexander Haigh was today sentenced to serve a minimum of 35 years imprisonment for the murders of Brett Flournoy and David Griffiths. He was found guilty of the murders by a jury at Truro Crown Court yesterday.

Co- defendant Ross Stone was found not guilty of the murders but pleaded guilty to preventing lawful and decent burial of a dead body at an earlier hearing. He was today sentenced to five years imprisonment.

Commenting on the case, CPS Chief Crown Prosecutor Barry Hughes said: "Thomas Haigh ended the lives of two men in cold blood and Ross Stone worked with him to dispose of their bodies. So desperate were they to avoid detection that they dug a pit with a JCB and buried not only the victims but their van as well.

"We worked closely with Devon and Cornwall Constabulary throughout this complex investigation. Both men changed their stories several times and it is thanks to the hard work and dedication of the whole prosecution team that this pair have been brought to justice. The sentences they received today reflect the severity of their crimes."