Flatmate guilty of manslaughter


Viktorija Ratiuk (31) appeared at Bristol Crown Court for sentencing having been found guilty by a jury of the manslaughter of Romualds Baluls.

As well as being flatmates, Viktorija Ratiuk and Romualds Baluls worked together as charity bag collectors.

It was during Saturday 19th November 2016 a row broke out in which Romualds Baluls was assaulted with a knife.

Paramedics were called but unfortunately were unable to save Romualds Baluls; Viktorija Ratiuk was subsequently arrested and charged with his death.

CPS South West, Senior Crown Prosecutor Edward Knapp said: "This was a tragic set of circumstances in which a man lost his life. The use of a knife led to the consequences of Viktorija Ratiuk's actions on that day in November 2016. We hope that this sentencing brings some sense of justice for the family of Romualds Baluls."

Viktorija Ratiuk was sentenced by His Honour Judge Holgate to 8.5 years' imprisonment.

Edward Knapp added: "Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Romualds Baluls."