Ten sentenced in Gloucestershire drug trafficking case


Ten people have now been sentenced for their involvement in the trafficking of cocaine into Gloucestershire.

Eights defendants have been given a combined sentence of 47 years in prison following a very complex and lengthy investigation led by Gloucesters Priority Policing Team (PPT) code-named Operation Midway.

Two others were given suspended sentences, and one defendant, Kathleen Logue had her sentencing adjourned.

Nine of the offenders pleaded guilty to their offences and the remaining two, Kimberley Smith and Micah Brissett were found guilty during trials at Gloucester Crown Court.

During the police investigation, which commenced in September 2008, a haul of cocaine with a street value of approximately £400,000 was recovered along with £40,000 in cash.

DC Ian Seeley, who was the officer in charge of the investigation, said: "Operation Midway was set up to tackle serious and organised crime and targeted major drug dealing in the county.

"The operation uncovered the levels the group were prepared to go to ensure that cocaine of the highest purity was trafficked into Gloucester from London, which also involved conspirators from Cornwall.

"The significant custodial sentences of the key individuals arrested and the sheer volume of drugs seized shows what a huge success this operation has been and the considerable effect this will have on drug supply in Gloucester.

"We have been able to disrupt established drug supply routes from London to both Gloucestershire and Cornwall, therefore having a massive impact on the availability of Class A drugs in Gloucestershire."

He added that the operation had utilised a wide range of investigative and intelligence skills to gather evidence on the supply and distribution of drugs within Gloucestershire.

CPS Crown Advocate Rachael Scott said: "This was a complex case due to the number of defendants and the volume of evidence. It is thanks to the superb investigative skills and hard work of Gloucestershire Constabulary, and that of my own team at CPS Gloucestershire, that we were able to secure a conviction for all defendants"

Detective Inspector Kevin McCloskey, who was the Senior Investigating Officer for the case, said: "The operation has shown the determination of Gloucestershire Constabulary in dealing with the menace of drugs, which these people have been inflicting on our communities.

"In bringing them to justice we hope that the sentences they received serve as a warning to others not to get involved in the illegal drugs trade, and provides reassurance to the community that we will proactively target any person engaged in this level of criminality."

The offenders arrested as part of Operation Midway received the following sentences.

Micah Brissett, 28, Oxford Terrace, Gloucester 10 years

Lee Pitt, 27, Elmbridge Road, Gloucester 8 years

Kimberley Smith, 55, Brae Walk, Abbeydale 7 years

Matthew Ewin, 40, Midsummer Walk, Hempsted 4 years

Kelly Lewis, 33, Colwell Avenue, Hucclecote 2 years, eight months

Dean Hilton, 34, Johns Way, South Ockendon, Essex four years, 6 months

Ben Scott, 25, Town Farm, Redruth in Cornwall 7 years, six months

Kate Duncan, 25, Town Farm, Redruth in Cornwall One year suspended for two years

Trudy Anderson, 28,  Chili Road, Redruth in Cornwall -  One year suspended for two years

Kathleen Logue, 36, Fairford Way, Gloucester Sentencing adjourned

Anton Lewandowski, 31, Eldon Road, Cheltenham three years four months