Dwain Rogers jailed for child sex abuse


Dwain Rogers (24) appeared before His Honour Judge Tabor at Gloucester Crown Court on Thursday 20th April, charged with causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Dwain Rogers pleaded guilty to all charges against him for his prolonged abuse of very young girls and was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

CPS South West District Crown Prosecutor Alison Longhorn said: "Dwain Rogers was charged with the systematic and prolonged abuse of a number of very young girls. The Crown Prosecution Service and Gloucestershire police worked tirelessly to build a strong case against Rogers, and, faced with that evidence, he has entered guilty pleas. He has been sentenced to a period of 10 years imprisonment which is a reflection of the serious nature of these offences and the lifelong impact his offending will have on his young victims."

Alison added: "I would like to express my appreciation to those victims without whom this prosecution would not have been possible. They have displayed immense courage during the prolonged period of the investigation and the court case and I hope that the length of the sentence imposed brings them some comfort."