CPS needs you to help improve how we prosecute hate crime and violence against women and girls


"Hate crimes and violence against women and girls have a devastating impact on not only the individuals involved but the wider community. We need your help to improve how we deal with these cases and the service that we provide to victims and witnesses", said Barry Hughes, Chief Crown Prosecutor, CPS South West.

Mr Hughes added: "In order to effectively prosecute hate crimes and violence against women and girls we need to understand the impact of these crimes upon the community. To achieve this we need to work with members of the community and practitioners to build confidence in reporting these crimes, knowing that  the CPS places a high importance on this work, and will do all it can to achieve justice.

"Therefore we are refreshing and re-establishing our Local Involvement and Scrutiny Panel to join us in considering how we prosecute these cases. This will help us to identify issues, common themes and trends in the decision making process. The Panel will meet four times a year, with the first meeting in July. It will consider cases that have been to court, and make recommendations that we hope will lead to an improvement in the way that we prosecute these crimes".

If you would like to join the panel please contact us by email at southwest.communications@cps.gsi.gov.uk, or by phoning 0117 930 2800. Regular updates on the work of the panel will be placed on our website www.cps.gov.uk/southwest.

Notes to editors:

  1. For media enquiries or to arrange an interview with Barry Hughes please contact southwest.communications@cps.gsi.gov.uk or call 0117 930 2800.
  2. On our website you can find information on our performance for hate crime,  and information regarding our performance in relation to violence against women and girls.