CPS welcomes visit from Pupillage Barristers


Pupillage Barristers Adam F. Griffiths and Ryan Morgan, both from Queen Square Chambers, and Grace Flynn, from Guildhall Chambers, visited Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in Bristol today (Monday 19th June).

A pupillage, in England and Wales, Northern Ireland, and Hong Kong is the final, vocational stage of training for those wishing to become practising barristers. Pupillage is very similar to an apprenticeship.

The visit enabled them to gain, first hand, an understanding of CPS business. The day started with an introduction to the Administrative Team, the Victim Liaison Unit, the RASSO (Rape and Serious Sexual Offences) Team and the Magistrates' Court Team before heading to the Crown Court Team where most of their work will be generated.

Grace said: "This was a fantastic opportunity to see the workings of the CPS. It not only gives us a strong platform to work with but to also share best working practices which will be a huge benefit to us all".

Pupillages are split into two different phases. The "first six" involves the pupil observing their supervisor at court and in conference, and assisting with related paperwork. In the second six months of pupillage, each pupil is responsible for a personal case load. This will range from a first appearance in the county court or magistrates' court and hearings in the High Court or Crown Court to full trials.

The visit also provided an opportunity to meet staff who they will be working closely with in the near future. Paralegal Business Manager Ruth Miller was behind the initative to introduce Pupillage Barrister to CPS: "It is vital that Pupillage Barristers get an understanding of CPS business. It is an opportunity to come and talk about our procedures face to face and share best practices. It's also about building relationships with Chambers, with whom we work very closely."

Visiting Pupil Barristers at CPS South West

Pupil Barristers meet CPS Staff: L-R - Adam F. Griffiths, Alex Ward, Philippa Adburgham, Ruth Miller, Grace Flynn, Leah Cassidy, Emma Worgan, Ryan Morgan