Colin Stokes sentenced to 14 years


Colin Stokes, 48, a care worker from Gloucestershire, was today sentenced to 14 years imprisonment for raping three learning disabled women in his care.

Rachael Scott, head of the CPS South West's Rape and Serious Sexual Offences unit said: "These women should have been able to trust Colin Stokes. Instead, they had that trust cruelly and systematically abused. It is clear that he targeted these women due to their perceived vulnerability and because he thought they would be unable to give evidence against him. The fact that he chose not to target the only woman he thought would be able to give evidence is testament to this.

"Through the use of intermediaries we were able to obtain sufficient evidence to authorise charge of Colin Stokes and that evidence was so compelling he felt he had no choice but to plead guilty to raping three women.

"The victims in this case have shown great courage and while nothing can compensate for the terrible ordeal they were put through by Colin Stokes, I hope that the conclusion of this case brings them and their families at least a degree of comfort. I hope it gives similar victims and those who care for them the courage to come forward knowing that their complaints will be fully investigated and prosecuted wherever possible."