Chilean justice system recognises status of Avon and Somerset's Witness Care Unit


Avon and Somerset's Witness Care Unit played host to delegates from the Chilean Criminal Justice System as they sought to discover more about witness care.

Following a period of Criminal Justice reform in Chile, they are looking at ways to improve victim and witness care. The Chileans regard England and Wales as exemplars of best practice in witness care and when visiting this country in order to gain knowledge and experience, it was Avon and Somerset's Witness Care Unit they chose.

Barry Hughes, Chief Crown Prosecutor for Avon and Somerset said: "We were delighted to be visited by Mauricio Godoy and Marcelo Tapio on their fact-finding mission on witness care. It is testament to the excellent work of the CPS and police staff in the Witness Care Unit that Avon and Somerset was their chosen Area."

The Chilean party spent two days in Avon and Somerset, meeting staff from the Witness Care Unit, the Police Criminal Justice Department, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Witness Service, the Crown Court and the local Criminal Justice Board.


Notes for editors

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