Three men jailed for brutal murder of Stephen Bull at recreational park


Joshua Buscombe (24), Jordan Bishop (21) and Daniel Altass (22), all from St Austell have today been sentenced to a total of 54 years at Truro Crown Court for the brutal manslaughter of Stephen Bull.

Stephen Bullís body was located within the recreational park located on Truro Road in St Austell. Stephen Bull was found lying on his back with blood on his forehead, abdomen and pooling around the head.  Police and ambulance attended the scene where sadly paramedics confirmed his death.

An examination identified that Stephen had sustained multiple stab injuries.  A number to his arms which appeared to be defensive injuries, one to the forehead and two substantial wounds to the back, one of which still contained a large kitchen knife, which had penetrated the body.

CPS South West, Senior District Crown Prosecutor Kathy Taylor said: "This was a very serious and vicious attack in which a young man lost his life. The use of a knife as detailed in this case shows the consequences of those actions on that fatal night."

Joshua Buscombe received life and will be required to serve a minimum of 19 years for murder, Jordan Bishop received 8 years for manslaughter and Daniel Altass received life and will be required to serve a minimum of 27 years for murder.

Kathy adds: "We hope that this sentencing brings some sense of justice for the family of Stephen Bull that all three defendants have today been jailed for a very substantial period."