CPS South East tackling hate crime on your behalf

Here you can read details of some of the recent hate crime cases the CPS has prosecuted in the South East. This report was prepared in September 2017, but relates to cases from August 2017.

Additional rehabilitation activity over racial and religious abuse in Guildford

A man has been ordered to undertake additional days of rehabilitation activity, after yelling racial and religious abuse at a man in the centre of Guildford.

The man had also attempted to hit his victim with his crutch and had sworn at him and continued to make racist comments even after police arrived at the scene. 

The man was also given a nine month community order.

Conditional discharge extended after homophobic abuse in Worthing

A man was given an 18 month conditional discharge, rather than a 12 month one, after shouting homophobic abuse at a coffee shop in Worthing.

The man verbally abused a member of staff, before starting to make comments to customers in the shop. As a result, he was asked to leave, but at this point, he started to make threats.

Extra fine over religious and racial abuse in Gillingham

A man was given an additional fine after making derogatory religious comments in the middle of a restaurant in Gillingham.

The man also made racist remarks about the owner of the business and slammed his fist into an ice-cream freezer. After he left, staff moved a fridge against the door to prevent him returning to the restaurant.

The man was ordered to pay £120. Without the racial element of the crime, the fine would have been £80.

Increased referral order after racist assault in Uckfield

Three teenagers have been given increased referral orders, after being found guilty of racially aggravated assault.

It came after a woman was walking home on her own in Uckfield and passed the group. They took a branch from a nearby tree and hit her with it, while at the same time yelling racist insults.

The trio were all given an extra three months on a referral order for the racial element of the crime.

Longer jail sentence after racially motivated assault in Dartford

A woman has been given an additional three month jail sentence, after a woman was hit with a baseball bat in Dartford and racial abuse was yelled at her.

The victim appeared to have been targeted as a result of a disagreement between their young daughters. The victim was hit approximately five times on the left knee and left arm.

The defendant was jailed for eight months for aggravated bodily harm and a further eight months for racially aggravated harassment. The Judge made it clear that had it not been for the racial element, the second part of the sentence would only have been five months.

In all these cases, a sentencing uplift was applied, which increases the sentence for any offence where a defendant showed hostility or an offence is shown to have been motivated by hostility based on age, disability, homophobia and transphobia or racist and/or religious grounds.