Do you want to join the Scrutiny Panel?

We are currently looking for members of the public to join the panel, particularly those with a background in representing people affected by issues related to hate crime - disability, racial, religious, homophobic, transphobic and biphobic.

The Panel requires attendance for meetings on a voluntary basis four times a year at one of our offices in Canterbury, Brighton or Guildford.

If you would be interested in joining the panel, please email

Local Scrutiny Involvement Panel Outcomes

Update from October 2015 meeting

Update from August 2015 meeting

Update from January 2016 meeting

Update from April 2016 meeting

Update from August 2016 meeting

Update from January 2017 meeting


CPS South East Local Scrutiny Involvement Panel

The South East Local Scrutiny Involvement Panel is a partnership between the CPS and local communities to improve the prosecution process and our service as a whole.

We aim to encourage greater community involvement, increased transparency and scrutiny of our work by providing a forum for consultation. This also helps ensure that local crime and anti social behaviour concerns are identified and prioritised.

The Local Scrutiny Involvement Panel is made up of community representatives and invited members of criminal justice agencies across the South East who meet on a quarterly basis to discuss and advise on various aspects of our work including:

  • our service to victims and witnesses;
  • South East Area strategy and planning to inform and improve policy, casework, employment and training;
  • our performance;
  • undertaking case scrutiny of hate crime, violence against women and other cases of local interest to improve local performance and support to victims and witnesses;
  • community engagement; and
  • equality and diversity.

The panel provides a valuable contribution to the development of our plans and local policies to ensure that we provide the best possible service to our communities and they also assist us in the effective delivery of our Casework Quality Standards.

Members provide constructive advice on the way we communicate with individuals and community groups. Panel members are drawn from a wide cross-section of organisations, including charities, inter-agency partnerships and local authorities.

The Panel is chaired by Lisa Ramsarran, Temporary Senior District Crown Prosecutor.