Suspended jail sentence for Surrey disability hate crime


A man has been given a suspended prison sentence, after sending threatening messages to a Leatherhead woman with Down's Syndrome, in which he also mocked her disability.

Joshua Hislop, aged 19, sent a series of threatening text and photo messages to his victim via WhatsApp, threatening to kill her and members of her family. He also left voice mails for her and stated he knew where his victim lived.

Hislop was given a 12 week suspended jail term, which was increased by four weeks because of the hate crime element of the case. He was also given a 12 week curfew, again increased by four weeks for the same reason, and he was ordered to pay costs.

Kris Venkatasami, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS South East, said: "Cases like this show the shocking abuse that people with disabilities can suffer. It doesn't even have to be physical abuse, it can be taunts about their disabilities, as happened here.

"Hate crimes like this are something we are determined play our part in trying to stamp out. People need to understand that committing a crime based on someone's age, disability, sexuality, race or religion is completely unacceptable in our society."