Michael Lane jailed for life for murder


A man, who murdered his former girlfriend at her home in Portslade, after stalking her, has been sentenced to life imprisonment and ordered to serve a minimum of 25 years.

Shana Grice, aged 19, had been in an on/off relationship with Michael Lane for about two years, before it came to an end just two days before she was killed in August 2016.

Lewes Crown Court heard that, on 25 August 2016, Ms Grice's body was found by friends. Her throat had been cut and an attempt had been made to set fire to her room.

The defendant was caught on CCTV filling up a petrol can with petrol the night before and CCTV footage also placed him near Ms Grice's home when she was killed. His trainers were also found bearing the victim’s blood.

She had previously reported being stalked by Lane, after her car had been damaged and he had stolen a key to her back door and walked into her bedroom when she was there. He also fitted a tracker to her car, so he could follow her movements.

Chief Crown Prosecutor Jaswant Narwal said: "Despite Michael Lane's continued claims that he had nothing to do with killing Shana, the evidence in the case was overwhelming. He had become obsessed with her and clearly did not want anyone else to be with her.

"This jealousy culminated in an appalling attack when Lane knew his victim would be vulnerable and home alone.

"The prosecution worked with investigators to build a compelling case against Lane that outlined his history of alarming behaviour towards the victim and his actions around the time of her death. Our thoughts are with her family and friends at this time."