Increased prison sentence over multiple sexual assaults


A man, who was convicted at Lewes Crown Court for a series of sexual assaults, including rape, on a girl in Worthing, has had his prison sentence increased from 10 to 15 years.

Tony Monery (56) was convicted of multiple sexual assaults, including two charges of rape and one charge of attempted rape. The assaults on his victim started when she was just 12 years old in the late 1990s and continued into the early 2000s until she was 15.

It was only in her late 20s that she felt strong enough to confront the defendant via social media and he did not deny it. At this point, she then went to the police.

The Crown Prosecution Service referred the case to the Attorney Generalís office on the grounds that the sentence was unduly lenient. With the consent of the Attorney Generalís office, the case was then heard by the Court of Appeal, which substituted a 15 year jail term in place of the original sentence of 10 years. 

Gareth Morgan from the CPS said: "This was a particularly nasty case, involving a lengthy period of sexual abuse on a vulnerable young victim over a three year period. The fact that it took her so many years to come forward and report what had happened to her just shows the impact these offences had on her.

"Despite not denying the accusations when the victim contacted him via social media, the defendant took no opportunity to plead guilty and instead claimed during the trial that the sexual assaults were consensual, something that is not possible in law, as a child under the age of 16 cannot consent."


Gareth is one of the District Crown Prosecutors in charge of the CPS South East's dedicated Rape and Serious Sexual Offences team.