Former Kent police officer jailed over indecent images


A former Kent police officer has been sentenced to nine years imprisonment, after pleading guilty to a total of nine charges, relating to indecent photos and videos of young girls.

Timothy Ryton (45) was arrested and charged, following information from federal investigators in Arizona relating to indecent images and videos being stored in an Internet storage facility called "Dropbox". This first led to the arrest and subsequent conviction of Brett Harriss from Stockport with activity from Harriss linked to the user later identified as Timothy Ryton.

Six of the charges he pleaded guilty to related to videos taken in November 2016 of two young girls under the age of 11, while the other three charges related to the distribution of indecent videos and photos.

Helen Ellwood, from the CPS, said: "The CPS worked closely with the police on this case, providing early advice to confirm we had all the evidence we needed to build the prosecution case. The sheer weight of the evidence that we were then able to serve on the defence prior to the first court hearing led to the unusual position of Mr. Ryton pleading guilty at first hearing. As a result, from the case first being brought to us by the police to his sentencing today has taken just over three months."