Community order for Snodland woman over disability hate crime


A woman from Snodland has been given an 18 month community order after verbally abusing a terminally ill girl with disabilities.

Kerrie Vant (34) was convicted at Sevenoaks Magistrates' Court following the incident on 28 February. She started to shout abusive terms as a cab picked up the girl and her escort to take her to school, before returning to her car and holding her hand on the car horn for several minutes to the point where her horn stopped working.

Gareth Morgan from the CPS said: "This was an appalling case and sadly one that is typical of many disability hate crime cases we see. Some people still believe they can shout abuse at people with disabilities. This is completely unacceptable. Any hostility or prejudice based on someone’s disability is a disability hate crime and we will prosecute it as such. This means that the penalty for these crimes can be more serious, as happened in this case."

Vant was also ordered to attend an anger management course and a 30 day rehabilitation course, which was increased from 20 days due to the fact this was a disability hate crime. She was also given a restraining order for two years not to contact her victim or the victim’s mother and was ordered to pay £85 costs and a victim surcharge of £85.