CCP Jaswant Narwal introduces CPS South East

Video transcript

Hello, I'm Jaswant Narwal, I'm the Chief Crown Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service in the South East, and this region covers Kent, Surrey and Sussex. My role is to ensure that we fairly and independently prosecute crime for the public we serve and to ensure that we bring a quality service for victims and witnesses here in the South East.

As you can inagine, we have a diverse Area here in the South East, covering both urban and rural areas. We take cases from Gatwick Airport, the Channel Tunnel, and the ports of Dover and Newhaven. These, in themselves, bring cases such as drugs importation and human trafficking cases. Every year, we handle over 70,000 cases here in the South East; anything ranging from minor traffic offences through to the most serious and heinous crimes, such as murder. In the Crown Courts across the South East, we handle rape, organised crime and murder cases.

Every single case we prosecute has an impact on the victims of crime, and we put victims and witnesses at the heart of the criminal Justice System; it is one of the priorities for the Crown Prosecution Service - we recognise that victims and witnesses do not choose to come in contact with the Criminal Justice System and when they do, we want to ensure their journey is seamless and without difficulty.

We aim to be open and honest with the communities we serve and we want to ensure that, when we do make decisions, these are communicated effectively and openly to victims and witnesses in cases. We want to ensure that we bring confidence to the communities. As well as making decisions on cases and charging cases, our staff also work in the courts, mostly with other stakeholders such as the police and the Courts Service.

A key focus for us is to ensure that we become more efficient in the work that we do, so more and more often now, if you visit one of the courts in the South East, you will see our prosecutors using tablet devices and prosecuting cases digitally. This, in itself, brings great benefits for the Criminal Justice Service.

If you want to learn more about the work that we do here in the South East, then please do visit our website, where there is more information about the cases that we prosecute and the staff in the South East. We aim to ensure that we always provide a quality service, and I would welcome your feedback to any of the work that we undertake here in Kent, Surrey and Sussex. So, I want to thank you for taking the time to listen to this introduction and look forward to hearing from you.