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Low Copy Number DNA testing in the Criminal Justice System

Annex A - Separate supplementary information for Operation Cube cases

Use of LCN

  • LCN testing has been used since 1999, and currently represents about 3.3% of all DNA tests.
  • Some of these are 'cold cases' which were not solved at the time where samples have been logged and saved awaiting improvements in analysis that may yield a result some time in the future.
  • If these samples pre-date the special DNA precautions that are now taken, their suitability for testing is reviewed in advance and any limitations on the interpretation of the result due to this are made clear in the statement.

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Operation Cube

  • During 2005 it became apparent that some of the samples where little or no profile was obtained could be retested and improved by diluting the sample. It is thought that an inhibition may be present in these, but the cause is not known.
  • All the affected samples are being retested in a project called Operation Cube; c2500 samples have been completed, with 314 enhanced results and 16 cases have been progressed as a result.

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